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Bells Whalen

      My first practical encounter with energywork was over 14 years ago when I was in therapy, trying to get over a traumatic experience. After five years and almost half a dozen therapists I finally I came across a holistic therapist who used EFT in her work. What I couldn't deal with for five years was completely reworked to a mere unpleasant memory in just several months. 


      I became a believer after that. Not a complete convert; I couldn't deny my own personal experience with energywork, but I was still a stubborn skeptic. Things like that don't just happen... but sometimes they do, as I later came to discover.  Most of my teenage years were spent researching just about any kind of energywork I could find. Yes, I was that kid.  

     A lot of my spare time was spent supporting my passion for playing music, eventually becoming a resident fiddler for a renaissance guild. It was there that I got the nickname Belladonna, which I've used ever since. Some people have trouble remembering it though, so I shortened it Bells... several years before I ever got into sound therapy. I still giggle at the irony.


     After 8 majors and 10 years in college, I finally came back into the real world with a bachelor degree in psychology with hopes of becoming an MFT. After seeing how much big medicine and insurance had infiltrated the field to create assembly line sessions, I decided I would create my own way of helping people improve their quality of life. I took what I love most and what I believe to have the most capacity to help people heal and make meaningful changes in thier lives and created the job description "body harmonist." 


     I really love my work and the sheer effect for good it has on people. It is my goal to provide a safe, nurturing environment where people are allowed to work on just being themselves. My role is purely that of a facilitator, guardian, and witness.


     I truly believe I have the best job in the world!            

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