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Living the Tarot:

A year and a day in depth study
and relationship building with the cards

      Anyone can look up the meaning of the cards, but often what is found is derivative from OTHER people’s deeper meaning of the cards, or the information is the very recycled and formulaic “Suite + Number = card meaning.” While handy when blanking out on an odd card during a reading it’s really a struggle when relying on this to give a full, nuanced reading that will keep clients coming back to you. 

      Every week we study one of the minor arcanas, with major arcana being special studies and meditations each new and full moon. Every card we look at will come with an in depth look at the design of the card (of the Tarot-Rider-Waite and several other popular decks for comparisons), a guided multisensory meditation to discover your own 3D take on the card, and space to have your own experience by drawing or painting your own image of the card while channeling its energy, so that you may understand its energy and know what to call it (giving your own meaning of the card). You do NOT have to be artistic or skilled to do this. Stick figures and labeling with arrows can do wonders as this is personal to you and YOU know what your mind has pictured even if you cannot manifest it on paper or canvas. These personal designs are a tool to help you remember the meaning you’ve learned after your contemplation of the card is complete.


     We do this process for 1 and a half cards each week (as the major arcana cards are split into two sessions) To account for the full 56 minor cards in one calendar year the Aces are the subject of the equinox and solstice. And as there are 13 moons in a year and only 22 major arcana, we will be starting off with 4 extra special classes learning about archetypes, the collective unconscious and generally getting you prepared for your own hero’s journey with the deck. Given that the moon shifts on our calendar each month we will be dividing the major arcana card study into two sessions that supplement our regular Monday class so that everyone can still join the group meditation and creative process. 

       You should also know that we do not go in order of the deck. After all, cards that come up in readings generally are not in numerical order, so why should their study be? The minor arcana are selected each  week while the major arcana are arranged to suitably  pair with the subject of my Monday meditation class. 


      As we’re not studying in order this means anytime is a good time to sign up! As long as you stay subscribed for the full year you will get to experience and form a deep relationship with the full deck.


      If you’ve been looking to build your own relationship and meaning with the cards, this is the experience for you! 


So... What do the cards mean to YOU?

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