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~ Fairy Godmother ~

Support Package 

Do you ever wish your fairy godmother would show up?



This package is for those with ongoing support needs, either needing extra help for themselves or to support themselves while serving others. It is my way of giving back to the community by offering my services for half price while supporting a Very Important (but often overlooked) Person that has so much to contribute to the world and deserves to be appreciated for the awesomeness that they are. 

That's not to say that this is a charity service. It's true the service is discounted, but I ask for something else in return; time. There is a minimum nine month commitment for this service. Why? Because while this service is aimed to serve people living these high intensity lifestyles that pretty much need a permanent wellness adjunct, I also like to know that my service is having an impact, and by fostering a long term relationship, not only can I better serve by knowing you better, but also I very selfishly get the satisfaction of keeping up with my client's progress; often I "fix" people and they go away, never to come back because there's no longer anything for me to fix, and I often wonder about them. 

Because really, if you had a fairy godmother, would you only call on her once in your life?


What if you could make the rest of your life run smoothly, not just that one night of crisis? 


This is an infinite session package with the largest discount and a nine month  commitment. It is designed for lifestyles and people in long term situations that need ongoing support. This can include: moderate to severely disabled people, mothers of small children and other caregivers, victims of abuse, crisis responders, veterans and military families, teachers, social workers, people on SSI, etc. Basically anyone who's daily life is a constant drain on their system.

It is my way of giving back to the community and one of my favorite offerings. Because it is so steeply discounted I only have 3 spots for this offer at any one time. When they are all filled, potential clients can be added to a waitlist. 

To book your first healing session you can call, text, or click the link below: 

Schedule a Healing Session 

To book a free Heart Kindling Meet & Greet to make sure we're a good fit before you commit you can call, text, or click the link below: 

Schedule a Heart Kindling Meet & Greet 

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