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It is never too late to be who or what you might have been. 



Hypnotherapy is a particularly powerful modality for making true and lasting changes in your life. While my most frequently requested service is for pain relief, hypnotherapy can be used for so many things to make people's lives drastically better.


       Here are a few things that can benefit from hypnotherapy: 

             + relationships (with self and interpersonal) 

             + grief 

             + creating new healthy habits 

             + memory improvement 

             + phobias 

             + diet control/weight reduction 

             + anxiety and depression 

             + body awareness 


       The key to profound change is reaching the subconscious. Our subconscious holds the sum total of our memories, emotions, habit patterns, instincts, and intuition; not just the parts we tap into consciously. It holds the other 98% of what our minds can do. No wonder when we try to change things only consciously we have such a hard time! 

Hypnotherapy: It's so easy you can do it with your eyes closed! 

        In a hypnotherapy session we spend a few minutes talking about your issue(s) of interest to see how we can shift things to process in a more positive, life affirming direction. On identifying the immediate goals, we settle in and I guide you through a relaxation process where you will feel ever so comfortable. You will maintain complete control of your body and your mind. Depending how relaxed you become you may or may not remember some or even anything of what I say to you, but your subconscious will remember everything, and since the whole point of hypnosis is working with the subconscious, whether or not you remember everything with perfect clarity will not affect the success of the session. After bringing you back to your usual state of awareness (like meditation, hypnosis is often cited as a state of hyper-awareness) we discuss the hypnosis and finish integrating the process on a conscious level before completing the session. Clients often comment after the session about how much better they feel and how comfortable with the whole process. 


So if you want to:


                  - Release stress and anxiety

                  - Change a limiting belief

                  - Stop cravings

                  - Alleviate chronic pain and migraines

                  - Eliminate fears and phobias
                  - Or simply to allow yourself to enjoy life

I'm just a phone call or click away.
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