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Sound Baths  



      Sound baths are unique group sessions facilitated by a practitioner using various instruments, including crystal singing bowls, gongs, voice, tuning forks, and even the didgeridoo. 

     Bells likes to begin her sound baths with participants checking in by playing a few notes on the harp and selecting the string that sounds the best to them in the moment. This method also works for pitches in the singing bowls, so whatever the instrument set up, Bells can be sure that there's something for everyone during the session. 

     Sound baths can be held anyplace at anytime, though depending on accessibility and heat/humidity some instruments may or may not be able to be included. Please mention if there are any specific instruments you want included to be sure that they will be in attendance ^.^ 

PLEASE NOTE Contraindications for these sound sessions are NOT SUITABLE for anyone with Epilepsy, Pacemaker, pregnancy, recent surgery with metal in body, severe tinnitus or menieres, or schizophrenia.

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