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What is sound therapy and how does it work? 

     Sound therapy is the use of sound frequencies to restore balance to the body and psyche. In the words of Nikola Tesla "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Literally everything in our world is made of vibrations, and their frequencies dictate a lot about their state; If they are changed or "out of tune" then things are not functioning as they should be. By playing the right frequency and letting an unbalanced body get re-entrained to it, it can literally be tuned back into health. I use frequencies (mostly sound, but also light, essential oils, crystals, etc.) t0 to help people feel better. 

     Sound therapy has a multitude of applications. My general sound therapy sessions are the direct application of frequencies to the body or energy field to address a specific complaint. In voice analysis we identify key tones in the voice that are diminished and work to restore balance to the voice, empowering you to administer those frequencies to your personal microcosm yourself. In space clearing sessions, sound is used to literally clear the space of stuck energies that linger are arguments, traumas, bad news, etc (anything negative experienced in an area). The frequencies are shifted to lighter, free-flowing energy that gives the space a feeling of fresh or renewed vitality. 

What can I expect during the first session? 


     During your first session we will go through an intake form and address any questions and concerns you might have. Then we will set a goal or intention that you would like to achieve from this session. Then I do an energy clearing with a pair of tuning forks and singing bowl. After that it's time for the sound table and you will likely fall asleep or go into a trance-like state at some point.


     You will be very relaxed and just want experience being comfortable in that moment, so it's important to have given me as much information as possible before we start working so that I can complete the session without having to disturb you. While you are enjoying the table I will be calling in angels and spirit guides, with any additional spiritual guardians or ancestors that you would like to be present. This results in a very safe and magickal space for the healing process to take place.


     Once the table's sound track is complete I go to work with various sounds and tools to create and entrain specific vibrations that will best achieve the goals for the session. You will likely be sleepy throughout the session and should start coming awake more and more towards the end when I complete the session with a grounding ritual to bring you back fully into the room. It is normal to feel a bit discombobulated afterwards and people often say that they feel that they've come back from someplace else. It's all normal and not unexpected if you are not used to deep meditation.


     To give people some buffer time to feel settled into their body afterwards I often serve tea. It's really important to stay hydrated afterwards as your body will be releasing a lot of negative stuff, potentially toxins that may be in your system. Drinking 4 oz every half hour the next day or two will help avoid "healing crisis" syndrome. Depending on the intensity of the session you may be very sleepy for the next few days. It's ok to let yourself sleep more if you feel the need! 

     I will also give some suggestions for aftercare. 





     Sessions can be very intense and may naturally result in or some continued changes the next few days/weeks at home. It is highly recommended to take it easy for a while after your session to further allow it to sink in. To help facilitate this, I can give some exercises, meditations, sounds, EFT patterns, or essential oils to use. And of course, it is highly recommended to  drink plenty of water. 



What to bring? 


     An open mind and any questions or concerns you might have regarding these services. These are generally not very 'physical' techniques. Comfortable clothing is recommended for its own sake but not required. For the most benefit from any of these sessions it best to wear organic, non-synthetic materials. Really, it makes a difference! 


     A large water bottle; releasing this much energy in a session tends to flood the body with some of the extra stuff that your body has also been holding on to and now no longer needs. By drinking 8oz before and directly after a session, you can avoid any major problems, while drinking 4 oz every half hour for a few while after the sessions will keep you nice and healthy in general. 




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