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Henna Anchors 

Transformative Temporary Tattoos! 

Now offering henna tattoos as an anchor for those groovy vibes to keep going after a session, lasting up to several weeks. Or you can get something pretty just for fun! 

Henna on Acupuncture Points

for Therapeutic Purposes 

      During or after a session I offer henna on appropriate points of the body so that you can know where to give yourself a mini acupressure session after you go home. They are both pretty and functional! Henna pairs particularly well with energy meridian therapy because most of the points being used are often accessed around the hands and feet, where henna happens to stain the strongest. I often use the center of flowers to mark a point, although spiral centers and leaf tips work quite well too. 


Henna as Intention Anchors 

Henna can also be used as an anchor for an intention that the client wishes to manifest. For inspiration and ease of reference, I have divided them up into the D&D categories of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. 

Strength: intentions around discipline, inner fortitude, and resolutions about diet/exercise and other habits

Dexterity: intentions around speed, flexibility, going with the flow 

Constitution: intentions around healing and health. 

Intelligence: intentions about study, memorization, grades, and focus 

Wisdom: intentions about self awareness and spiritual connection

Charisma: intentions about cultivating your connections with others, pop culture, or just get a pretty tattoo

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