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Classes & Events 

This page is for classes and events that I facilitate. Check back often for fun stuff and seasonal offerings! Normally I have online classes and events full time, but with festival season in full swing, weekly support groups and classes are currently on hold

May ~

May 10-12: Whole Earth Festival (henna) - Sacramento, CA 

June ~ 

June 8: 
New Renaissance Metaphysical Fair (w/ henna & vibroacoustic pillow) - Portland, OR

June 9-15: Various coffee houses in the greater Portland area for graduation henna

June 20-24: Acutonics Camp (henna & hypnotherapy) - Mt. Shasta  

June 28-30: Fairyblossom Midsummer Faire (henna & vibroacoustic pillow) - Monroe, WA

Summer Gig Schedule ~ 

June 5: Edgewood Point (w/ harp) - Tigard, OR

June 12: Woodland Heights Midsummer Special - Tigard, OR 

June 26: Hearthstone of Beaverton (w/ harp) - Beaverton, OR 

July 13: New Renaissance Metaphysical Fair (w/ vibroacoustic harp) - Portland, OR 

TBD: Metaphysics and Wellness (MeWe) Fair (vibroacoustic harp) - Portland, OR


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