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Projects & Events 

This page is for ongoing projects and events that I participate in. Check back often for fun stuff and seasonal offerings! 

I have many events available to both local and global community members through the meetup group "Life Quality Improvement While Having Fun (Beaverton/Tigard). Click here to see what's scheduled as I do not always update this page as often as I would like! 

Hypnotherapy of the Month: a new series to celebrate my certification in hypnotherapy! 
                - April edition is internal spring cleaning while setting up self care habits 
                - available for free on meetup; click here

Wednesday Weight Loss Support Group (noon edition)
               - We meet on zoom every wednesday at noon to talk about 
               - available for free on meetup; click here

April 10 - 14: Tame Your Pain Challenge 
               - Daily livestream beginning at 1pm, recordings posted within a couple hours after
               - Available for free on facebook when you join the group! 

Beginning May 3, 2023: 
               - Epic Level Wednesday Weight Loss Support Group! 
               - We meet at 7pm 
               - available by subscription on patreon; click here
               - way more content and tools than the noon freemium version. 
               - half price for the first 10 subscribers resulting in a lifetime discount! 

Spring Gig Schedule ~ 

March 11: New Renaissance Metaphysical Faire (vibroacoustic harp) - Portland, OR

March 25: Metaphysics and Wellness (MeWe) Fair (vibroacoustic harp) - Portland, OR

April 8: New Renaissance Metaphysical Faire (vibroacoustic harp) - Portland, OR 

April 29: Body, Mind, Spirit Expo (vibroacoustic harp) - Hillsboro, OR 

May 6: Metaphysics and Wellness (MeWe) Fair (vibroacoustic harp) - Eugene, OR 



Another 4 week music challenge completed during covid! I had already launched my 4 week challenge before the outbreak but now I'm definitely spending a lot more time on it. For more information you can look up my youtube account: Honest Musician. Please 'like' and subscribe if you enjoy the video; more will be coming, and the more 'likes' I get the sooner the videos tend to come out. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This 4 week challenge was extra special because it was actually a song I'd learned years ago but forgotten. So I got to relearn it in time for one of my favorite holidays! It's far from perfect (I didn't have time for another take), but it was such a lovely morning; the sunlight seemed to carry the tune. 

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